The Hardest Days in the NICU

Hardest days in the NICU
During our stay in the NICU, I’ve been surprised by the things that have ended up being the hardest. I’ve also been surprised by the strength and love that comes during those times. Although things got scary, we were lucky to avoid what would be the very hardest day in the NICU – I can’t imagine what it would be like to actually lose a baby. My heart goes out to those NICU Mamas, and…
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Getting Ready to Bring the Babies Home | Choosing a Bassinet

Choosing a Bassinet | Happiest Baby | SNOO
Now that the babies are doing so well and taking more and more of their bottles each day, I’m anxious to get things buttoned up at the house before they come home. To me, the most important thing to have ready is our bedroom, since that’s where they’ll be sleeping at first. So Blake and I set up our room with the bassinets we chose last weekend, and I thought I’d share it with you…
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A letter from your Dad:

Preemie Twins | NICU | One month old
To my precious Romy and amazing Piper, Watching you grow over the past month has been an amazing and unique experience. To see you tiny beauties come into this world so early, having to fight for every little breath and then to get to where you’re at now, I’m already so so proud of you. I feel so lucky to be your Dad. While we haven’t been able to start our life at home yet,…
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4 Weeks of Romy and Piper | Preemie Life in the NICU

Birth story | Preemie Twins born at 30 weeks | NICU
The girls are 4 weeks old as of today! It’s been an amazingly awful, awfully amazing four weeks 😉. These two little miracle ladies went straight from the operating/delivery room to the NICU, where they’ve stayed their whole lives thus far. While we aren’t completely out of the woods yet, the girls are now what the nurses call “grower feeders,” meaning now their main focus will be to grow and learn to eat on their…
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Perfect Gifts for a Soon-to-be Mom

Perfect gifts for soon to be mom
I’ve had so many friends who are having babies lately, so I’m constantly on the hunt for good baby gifts. As fun as it is to get things for their babies, it’s also so nice to find little things for them as a mama. And now, being in the thick of it myself, it’s easy to think about the things I’d needed or appreciated in these first few weeks. I have two friends that are…
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Birth Story | Romy and Piper

Twin Birth Story - C Section at 30 weeks
Today would have been the day that I thought I’d be posting another update from bed rest, and celebrating that we hit 31 weeks. But I think Romy, Piper, and God were in cahoots with plans of their own, because instead we are celebrating that today they are a week old! That’s right, Romy and Piper. Romy Jean Nyman and Piper James Nyman came into this world Thursday morning, September 7th, at 11:19 am and…
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Week 30 | Discharged from the Hospital

Preterm Labor - hospital bedrest
You guys – we have two REALLY amazing things to celebrate today. We hit 30 WEEKS GESTATION AND I GOT DISCHARGED TODAY! We didn’t think there was any chance of this happening for at least two more weeks. But I’m on strict orders to be as mellow as I’ve been at the hospital – total bed rest, only getting up to go to the bathroom and shower. Let’s hope Blake doesn’t kill me before this…
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Excuse me, Gestational Diabetes?

Gestational Diabetes | Twin Pregnancy
Let me start this post by saying that I can’t believe I’m writing it. When my doctor’s office called to say that I have gestational diabetes, I felt a mix of frustration, denial, anger and sadness – but I think I was mostly super embarrassed. I had wanted to deny the dreaded glucose test, thinking there’s no way I had diabetes and didn’t want to drink that nasty sugary stuff. I went ahead and took…
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My Advice on Maternity Photos

Maternity Photos | Fillyboo Maternity Dress | Courtney G Photos
Here’s my advice about maternity photos: just do them. Even if you think they are cheesy, or if you don’t love your body, or you don’t know what to wear. I was debating on whether or not to do them, and we decided to just because we were up at Sundance (where Blake grew up and where we got married). The beauty of Sundance and it’s significance to us convinced me. I was admitted to…
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Week 29 | Update from the Hospital

Flowers at the Hospital from The Flower Stand in Laguna Beach
Today marks exactly  a week in the hospital, and it also happens to be our 29-Week mark! Each week we make it with these babies in is HUGE, so needless to say we are celebrating today!So many good things have happened since I last posted an update. Life on the 4th floor is good – I’ve fallen into a little routine and that keeps me positive each day! I DID get wheelchair privileges, so I’ve…
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