I feel like I am forever traveling, and lately it’s to places much colder than Southern California!  I always struggle with what to pack and wear on travel days, but these past couple trips I’ve found a go-to travel day outfit that hasn’t yet done me wrong.  And here’s the key – layering!  It’s hard to prepare for cold weather when I’m leaving my apartment in 80 degrees, but when I step off that plane at my destination and the cold air bites me, I’m happy to pile on the layers.

Blame the Seattle in me, but I can’t help busting out the North Face, boots, scarf, and sporting black when I’m home (as any true Seattle girl will understand) and the trip home for Thanksgiving was no exception.

Seattle | TGN-2

Beanie ~ Jacket~ Pants ~ Boots ~ Scarf ~ Sunnies ~ Bag

  • Beanie: I’ve had this hat for two years now and wear it sooo much in the winter!  Perfect amount of slouch and super warm.  So popular that Northface keeps bringing it back!
  • Jacket: Down jackets are great for traveling to cold places for two reasons: they are very warm, and very easy to squish down into your bag when you don’t need to wear it ;).  I searched high and low for this one I have from the North Face.  For me it’s the perfect length, and goes in at the waist to give me just enough shape without being restricting.
  • Pants: I’ve also had these coated Citizens for a few years now and have never gotten so much use out of one pair of pants!  The coating has actually worn a little so they aren’t as shiny, but they are still fitting with the perfect stretch.  They feel like leggings for travel, but look dressy if you need to look nicer upon arrival!  Not to mention, the coating makes them just a little bit warmer :).
  • Boots: My trusty Fryes!  Have also had these for a couple of years and they still look like new.  I recommend buying a half size up, so you can put on thicker socks if you need to turn them into a warmer boot :).
  • Scarf: I’m obsessed with this color this season!  I can’t get enough.  It’s kind of taking over my wardrobe… I also love wearing all black with just a pop of color, which is easy to do with a scarf!
  • Sunnies: Still love all things Electric!  This is my second pair (I have a yellow pair I love as well), and I love the size and shape.
  • Bag:  As if you want to hear another word about this MZ Wallace bag…Syd and I are in love.  It’s such a great day bag/weekender/travel bag/tote, but let’s be real, I basically just use it as my huge purse everyday!

Seattle | TGN-3

Warms travels to you, no matter where you’re headed!